Monday, 4 April 2011

Gaybox with Bric-a-Brac

This year's Mother's Day card.

Triptych of Records

3 12" records that must have been so awful that they were better off being decorated with posca pens.

'Collectible' Ballerina Doll & Her Llama

This interesting pair started life as a ballerina doll from a Pound Shop, an ornament head and a fake My Little Pony (both found in the street). They were then daubed with paper-mache and acrylic. Ultimately they starred in a strip I did for an issue of Paper Tiger Comix.

I decorated this plate for my gran last summer using a Pebeo Porcelaine marker pen.

Playmobil Nightmare in Butcher Shop

Quite pleased to have found some photos of the Butcher Shop that I modified with nail varnish, acrylic and a glue gun a good few years back.
Brains and crucifix were made out of Prima clay.

The man in black was originally supposed to be a chimney sweep as I recall, but I gave him some crosses to try and make him look like Rev. Trask from Dark Shadows.

It's the Fully Poseable Star Jane Afghan Figurine

I made this for my friend's birthday using pom poms, pipecleaners, a fashion doll head, rose quartz beads, paper-mache, nail varnish, acrylic, pins, a cocktail stick. I even got the scary Power Engraver out to add a bit of detail to the stage.

The figurine has proceeded to appear in a series of tableaux, including this wonderful 'gothic' one. Photo/tableau by Andrew Barron.